About Us

Brief history, mentality & vision

Ship SA, Hellenic International Forwarders & General Enterprises Co., is the first and oldest today, Transport Company in Greece as it is the successor of Giovani Sofianopoulos Hellas, a company established and operating in Greece in the field of International Transport since 1859.   Back then the company was specializing on Maritime Transport. After the invention of the Automobile (1861) and the Airplane (1903), the Company expanded to cover these, new at that time, emerging means of transportation (road freight and air freight, respectively). In the 1970’s it had the largest truck fleet in Greece and one of the largest privately owned in Europe.

Ship SA presently provides premium services specializing on ocean freight with more than 8,500 TEUS per annum and air freight wholesale sector, as it is Greece’s first IATA agent since 1963!

With privately owned offices of 1200 sqm and warehouses within 5 minutes from Athens airport, and from Piraeus port and own container depot, truck fleet, vans plus our outsourced network of haulers we are capable of providing one stop shop for all your air cargo and ocean freight logistics needs!

The Company’s declaration for responsibility and personal interest shown for each and every shipment irrespectively of its size or value, is a commitment and daily ”routine” from the top management up to the last employee of Ship SA. This because no matter how perfect an operational system may be, it will never achieve its full dynamic if it not backed up by the human factor, which brings about the “value added” service.

Loving what we do, having a vast know-how, the will, means and resources TO ACHIEVE, we are here to assist and serve all your international air and sea logistics needs to and from Greece and the Balkans!!

Thank you for entrusting us to serve you!!